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Amazing Forum & Comments control for your ASP.NET applications.

Discussions is an innovative Forum & Comments control with features not seen before and extremely easy setup - just drag & drop.

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Discussions is an incredible Forum & Comments server control : it is by far the most easy Forum & Comments control in existence - drag & drop and your full fledged forum is a reality. It is possible also the most advance Forum & Comments control in existence with a multitude of exciting functions and all services working right out-of-the-box (also email notification & facebook). Discussions is a commercial product, but have a 30 days trial and can be used for free with less than 4 registered users.

Discussions key features

Discussions Key Features

  • Easiest forum in the world - you just drag the control on your page and you have a full fledged forum.
  • 2 different control modes - site wide forum or page level comment track.
  • 2 different forum modes - standard forum or smart forum (smart forum is navigational superior to standard forum format).
  • 3 different discussion layouts - flat, threads or hierarchy (this works for both standard forum, smart forum and for comment mode).
  • Page level comment track integration into a forum as a discussion under any category.
  • Forum discussion integration on any page as a comment track.
  • Multiple pages can share the same comment track.
  • Advanced Poll system - users can create polls with multiple questions/answers.
  • Personal Messaging system - users can send private messages to each other.
  • Voting system - users can vote other users posts.
  • Administrator overlay
    • Discussions can be moved between categories, deleted, set sticky etc.
    • Posts can be individually edited or deleted on-the-fly.
    • Multiple on-the-fly configuration options (eg. max file sizes, conditions for hot topics, captcha rules and many more).
    • Administrator can define Moderator overlay.
  • Facebook integration works out of the box, but can easily connect to your own Facebook app.
  • Email notifications works out of the box, but can easily connect to your own email server.
  • Database is builtin, but external SQLServer or MySQL is supported (just set a connectionstring pointing to your own database and Discussions will use your custom database for storage).
  • There really are no configuration necessary - just drop the control on your page !
  • However many many customizations possible.
  • And many many more features.

Discussions Examples

   Discussions examples
Discussions try it out

How to use Discussions

  1. Download Discussions and unzip it to your website bin folder.
  2. Register Discussions on an .aspx page or an .ascx usercontrol :
    <%@ Register Assembly="Menulab.Discussions" Namespace="Menulab" TagPrefix="ml" %>
  3. Add a Discussions instance somewhere on your page (or on a usercontrol) :
    <ml:Discussions ID="mlDiscussions" runat="server" />
  4. Thats it - your done ! now try it out.

Try it out - login as Admin using password Admin and try to add some categories & discussions :
(Changes you make to any Discussions example will accummulate and persist throughout your session)

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