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20 Dec 2012 : Version 1.0

Discussions was published first time.

4 Jan 2013 : Version 1.1

  • Sub control update : The built-in FlexCaptcha was updated to version 1.1 (see FlexCaptcha history) version 1.1 for details).
  • BUG FIX : System.Data.SqlServerCe was not embedded in the file, therefore if Sql Server Compact Edition 4.0 was not installed on the host machine, Discussions would fail.

22 May 2013 : version 1.2

  • Sub control update : The built-in RichTextBox was updated to version 1.1 (see RichTextBox history version 1.1 for details).
  • BUG FIX : In Chrome the AddNew popup would be positioned wrong if the page had scroll.
  • BUG FIX : In FireFox the Smart Jump feature worked poorly. It now work as expected.
  • UPDATE : Notification system : (the notification system now treat comment tracks as first class citizens equal to forum)
    • Now possible in profile manager to sign up for global notification : you will be email notified on every new post (not written by yourself) across the whole forum and all comment tracks. This is especially interesting for administrators and moderators then starting up a new forum or for monitoring many comment tracks across a big website. DATABASE UPDATE.
    • Now possible to sign up for email notification on new posts in a comment track (before you could only be email notified to all new posts within a forum integrated comment track or on replies to own posts within the comment track).
    • Now email notifications have precise text, links and querystring jumps also for comment tracks and for personal messages (before email notification content was forum centric even then linking to a comment track).
  • UPDATE : Personal Messages : (the personal message system now treat comment tracks as first class citizens equal to forum)
    • BUG FIX : Before it was possible to write anonymous personal messages to a user if you knew his userID.
    • Security fix : Before it was possible to read another users personal messages if able to guess the the messageID, now a personal message can only be accessed by the user to whom it belongs.
    • Now possible to access personal messages not only from a forum but now also from a comment track. Personal messaging is now fully functional on comment tracks.
  • UPDATE : Administrators are now no longer subject to length restrictions on posts, eg. if max length of a post is set to 2000 characters, the administrator can write posts that have more than 2000 characters.
  • UPDATE : Author information can now be positioned on top of each post not only to the left of each post - this will give much needed horizontal space in smart forum layout and indeed have been made default for smart forum.
  • UPDATE : Credentials & profile manager now allow a user to request his password being sent to the email address by which he registered.
  • UPDATE : Administrators can now set default forum layout mode (Standard or Smart). Before this options was only available for the programmer and it was a forced layout mode, nobody could change.
  • UPDATE : Users can now switch forum layout mode on-the-fly. However administrators can choose whether to lock the layout or allow users to switch layout themselves. DATABASE UPDATE.
  • UPDATE : mlConfig.Posts.IncludeVoting have changed from default false to default true in Comments mode (in Forum mode it have always been default true).

Database schema updates : (database (MSCE, MySQL or SqlServer) is automatically updated by Discussions, no manual update necessary)

  • Menulab_Discussions_DUser.NotifyOnAnyNewPost (bit)
  • Menulab_Discussions_DUser.ForumLayout (nvarchar(100))
  • Menulab_Discussions_Configure.ForumLayout (nvarchar(100))
  • Menulab_Discussions_Configure.ForumLayoutIsLocked (bit)

4 Aug 2013 : Version 1.3

  • Sub control update : The built-in RichTextBox was updated to version 2.0 (see RichTextBox history version 2.0 for details).
  • BUG FIX : if logging in on a comment track and writing the wrong credentials, then Discussions is not jumping down to the login box.
  • BUG FIX : In Chrome then writing a reply in a comment track, the page is jumping to the top of the comment track, not to the post just written.
  • BUG FIX : Then clicking a link to a reply in an email, Discussions is not jumping to nor focusing the reply if it is on a comment track.
  • BUG FIX : Most image link had not disabled the default link border making image link look bad in environments there such borders were not disabled.
  • BUg FIX : If deleting a category all discussions would be deleted also if discussions were serving as comment tracks. Now integrated comment tracks are not deleted but merely become detached if deleting a category under which it was attached.
  • Update : width & height can now be custom set for RichTextBoxes (they were earlier hardcoded).
  • Update : admin can now configure whether to include post message in email notifications.
  • Update : admin can now configure whether to show only the beginning of long posts (any reader can then expand the post if he like). This will make it more easy for readers to navigate long discussions and also this ability is now a standard feature in many forums and comment tracks.
  • Update : Now possible to promote a sub thread to a Discussion and place it under any Category. DATABASE UPDATE.
  • Update : Now possible for administrator to dynamically configure SmartMenuAutoCollapseLevel (before it had to be hardcoded using mlSmartMenuAutoCollapseLevel). DATABASE UPDATE.

Database schema updates : (database (MSCE, MySQL or SqlServer) is automatically updated by Discussions, no manual update necessary)

  • Menulab_Discussions_Configure.RepliesCanBeMovedBy (nvarchar(100))
  • Menulab_Discussions_Configure.SmartMenuAutoCollapseLevel (int)

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