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Topics : 5Replies : 7User type : AdminRegister : 2012-Dec-21
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Features I consider to implement :

  1. Search should include "search by user", so it is possible to get all posts for a specific user
  2. Smart menu can remember what categories are open so the menu is not closing last category then selecting a discussion from another category
  3. User can dynamically set the width of smart menu - this would help solving the problem that horizontal space is scarce in smart forum
  4. Admin can configure whether it is possible for users to edit their own posts
  5. It should be possible in comments mode for any user to select that he want to be notified on any new posts in the comment track
  6. Possible to promote a reply to a new discussion (without changing the author)
  7. An optional rating control should be available for each post, eg. if there is a comment track for a software, people should rate
  8. More configurational settings should be dynamic available to the Admin (as opposed to only static available to the programmer), eg. currently the MaxChar value for posts can only be set by the programmer not by the admin
  9. Administrators should be able to manually order the categories (now categories are displayed ordered after creation time and cannot be manually ordered)
  10. Administrators should be able to manually override forecolor and backcolor and fontsize on any category
  11. Imported comment tracks should somehow display a link to the page(s) from which the comment track was importet.
  12. Then replying to a post, that post should be shown on top of the reply box, maybe the whole thread should be shown. And on top should be the name of the discussion.
  13. It should be possible to add custom icons to each discussion and/or each category. Maybe so that the admin can decide whether to show ONLY standard category icon, only custom icon or both standard and custom icon (so that there is customization but it is still easy to see this is a category)
  14. Now it is possible to be notified by email upon new replies in selected discussions or new replies to own posts, however it should also be possible to follow a certain person by being email notified each time that person makes a post.
  15. Social Media : google+ & twitter should be integrated as part of the replying the same way that facebook is
  16. Posts should default collapse if having a lot of content, so that a very big post (I just got one one is not filling up the whole comment track. Collapse replies with more than x chars.
  17. I would like the Forum to have a page with "Latest Discussions", this way it is possible for a user to see what's discussed right now.
  18. More focus on the "reply" link in each post - maybe it should look like a button
  19. Forum urls should be SEO friendly, eg. instead of the url should be something like - using the name of the discussion in the url.
  20. It should be possible for a user to either like, tweet or g+ a discussion (maybe even pinterest it). However I need to find a sensible spot to place these buttons. Most obvious for the user would be if the buttons was next to each discussion in smart menu, however a more eye catching place would be at the top bar.


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