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I installed Menulab using Nuget and created a default application, dragged in Discussions control and got this..

What must I do to get the proper formatting.
Topics : 5Replies : 7User type : AdminRegister : 2012-Dec-21
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Hi Anonymous

I tried to install Discussions from Nuget and add it to a webpage, however I was not able to reproduce the weird image size in IE10, FF 15 nor Chrome 27.

To solve the problem, you can use your own images for the Search, login and logout buttons. Including hover images, this will be 6 images all in all. You can use your own images by doing the following eg. in your Page_Load handler :
 mlDiscussions.mlImageUrls.Miscellaneous.SearchButton = "urlYourImage";
 mlDiscussions.mlImageUrls.Miscellaneous.SearchButton_hover = "urlYourImage";
 mlDiscussions.mlImageUrls.User.LoginButton = "urlYourImage";
 mlDiscussions.mlImageUrls.User.LoginButton_hover = "urlYourImage";
 mlDiscussions.mlImageUrls.User.LogoutButton = "urlYourImage";
 mlDiscussions.mlImageUrls.User.LogoutButton_hover = "urlYourImage";
(mlDisccusions is your Discussions instance ID)
Fiddles @
Topics : 0Replies : 1User type : StandardRegister : 2013-Oct-15
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Don't know why the post was anonymous... i was logged in as "jdeane". 

Thanks for your reply.. i changed the graphics but made no difference.

On a hunch I removed the CSS site.css and the problem went away!

So SOMETHING in the standard ASP.NET CSS make things go wrong 

What CSS tags does the control use?? I can try to work out what is happening.
Jim Deane
Topics : 5Replies : 7User type : AdminRegister : 2012-Dec-21
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Hi  Jim

First : Great that you solved it.

Second : Discussions uses quite a lot of CSS and I would be very interested in the CSS file, site.css, that create the weird image sizes if you could send the site.css to me eventually on ?
Fiddles @

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