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Known bugs and other issues for latest Discussions version 1.2 : (older bugs & issues are documented in history)

  1. Poll statistics is not formatting well in smart forum. There is not enough space for the current layout of poll statistics.
  2. Reporting posts actually goes to the database, but there is no logic to handle that data. There could be a function that sends an email to administrators & moderators if a post get say more than 3 reports.
  3. Then register a new user, the register page does not show which fields are mandatory, eg. there should be a maybe red star next to username & password to signify these are mandatory fields
  4. Then admin edits a poll, he can only edit the bread text, he cannot edit the poll questions - this should be allowed if for nothing else then for correcting spelling errors in the questions.
  5. The SmartJump feature cannot always scroll the page exactly to there the user expects.
  6. Eg. if you write a post in a long comment track, you would expect the page to jump to focus the post you have just written, however instead Discussions will jump to focus the top of the comment track. All such problems should go away if Discussions implement remembered scroll value for more precise scrolling (the browser cannot do that automatically because each submit will result in a subsequent GET - therefore precise scrolling need to be custom programmed)
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