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Topics : 5Replies : 7User type : AdminRegister : 2012-Dec-21
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Features I consider to implement :

  1. Table editing as a new button, I think this is an absolute need
  2. Video upload, currently no video can be handled
  3. mlRichTextBox.Buttons.Remove(buttonEnum) is missing, in current version a button can be removed one at a time, but it is rather cumbersome (clear buttons and add buttons are not missing)
  4. It should be possible to show scrollbars within the RichTextBox in case there are more content than can be displayed. While RichTextBox can be dynamically resized by the lower left handle, there may be som much content that users screen is not big enough, in which case it becomes difficult to input content.
  5. Maybe I should add buttons for inserting html elements so that RichTextBox could be used to create html forms. If I add these buttons they should be default removed from the toolbar as I guess in most situations such buttons are not interesting.
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