Fast, Flexible & Easy
Full Fledged Forum Control
no setup - just works !

Menulab have gone to extreme length to
create the ultimative ASP.NET forum control
with innovative layout and the
worlds most easy setup - there is no setup !

read more about Discussions - the worlds best control
Integrate professional Rich Text Editing
into your ASP.NET applications
RichTextBox is Free

read more about Discussions - the worlds best control
read more about Discussions - the worlds best control
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Do good
Experience, Innovation & Dedication ASP.NET Essential Building Block Controls
Menulab Small Effort Big Effect Program read more
  • Forum or Comment mode
  • Standard or Smart Forum
  • Different discussion layouts
  • Builtin database
  • Builtin email server
  • Automatic facebook integration
RichTextBox is freeware read more
  • Real Server Control
  • No dangling javascript files
  • Full programmatic access
  • Can be embedded into your own server control
  • Multiple instances on same page
FlexCaptcha is freeware read more
  • Write captchas to either disk or http stream
  • Works out-of-the-box (no HttpHandler setup needed)
  • Optional input button
  • Custom character set
  • Reload button

Menulab focus on reliability, usability & innovation to deliver web controls supporting rapid development of web sites.

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