Menulab transforms menus, ordering, and payments for leading business.

  • Create your digital menu using the Menulab design tool.
  • We provide you with QR codes & NFC points that link to your digital menu.
  • Customers view your menu, order and pay, right away or at the end of their meal thanks to our proprietary encryption technology.
1. Tap
The customer taps their phone to an NFC-enabled point (or for older phones scans the QR code) to bring up your menu instantly.

2. Order
Customers select items and choose additions and variations to make the perfect order. Once the order is placed, you are notified instantly.
3. Pay
Customers pay upon ordering or tap again to bring up the bill. They choose to pay in full, split the bill evenly or pay by item.

We transform all kinds of service-oriented businesses. Click to learn the applications to your space.

Create your digital menu for free. Add a plan to take orders & payments.

Create a digital menu that looks nothing like us and everything like you.

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Paying (and tipping) you for the services you offer has never been easier.

We are dedicated to making in-venue processes more seamless than ever before.

Multiple payment methods

We integrate with popular payment methods including Apple Pay, G-Pay and more.

Pay on order or before you leave

Settle the bill with ease.

Split the bill evenly or unevenly

No more hassle and calculations when it comes to paying your share.

Tipping options to encourage generosity

Increase your tips twofold.

A menu-order-pay system that skyrockets service and grows your revenue.

Our technology is designed to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish, for the customer, the owner and the venue at large.

Increase order value
Digital menus' use of visual photos & upsells to grow your orders.
Increase table turnover
Choosing items from the menu, ordering and paying just became a lot quicker!
Reduce touch points
No more writing down and entering orders into POS systems. Percent Yield Calculator